Other Services

1. Legal Training

With 12 free trade agreements to which Vietnam is a signatory, Vietnam enterprises have been integrating deeply into the world economy, which in return requires them to equip and improve legal knowledge for their staff and/ or manager and/ or higher level including Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers to protect their rights and benefits and avoid legal risks arising out of or in connection with both local and international transactions with their partners. With legal training, the enterprises can establish a better compliance system and legal risk control. In addition, periodical legal update will help the enterprises timely develop new policies and development models for their business.

Legal training can be organized in a variety of formats from short-duration workshops to specialized groups of businesses to long sessions. Training programs are tailored to the nature and needs of each enterprise. The legal training program is always built with a mix of theoretical and practical aspects as well as provides useful advice to help learners improve their professional knowledge and skills.

Legal training programs are available including:

  • Labor law training program (for employees/managers);
  • Training program on commercial contract law;
  • Legal training program for Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers;
  • Legal training program on the enterprise’s establishment, operation and management;
  • International trading training program for trading enterprises.

If you need our services for legal training, please either email us at info@asialegal.vn or
call us at (+84) 84 400 8484.

2. Corporate Secretary Services

With profound understanding of local regulations and requirements, Asia Legal’s corporate secretarial services have supported many local and foreign companies doing their business in Vietnam. With this type of services, the companies are no longer worried about the burden of the administrative duties that normally requires significant resources. Instead, they can focus on their core business.

Typical corporate secretary services include:

  • Organizing board and annual shareholders’ meetings, and recording minutes;
  • Safekeeping of the important documents and artefacts of the company;
  • Acting as company secretary: to handle both day-to-day administrative tasks and more essential documentation and filing, we are able to act as your company secretary in Vietnam;
  • Coordinating with regulators and auditors to take care of compliance with the applicable codes and statutory requirements;
  • Maintaining statutory books, records and registers;
  • Advising on official corporate requirements, disclosures and notices;
  • Amending and renewing licenses;
  • Filing work permits and visas for employee; and
  • Other secretarial services: Vietnamese law can require a number of secretarial services, we can work with your team to help you stay abreast of changes in regulations and requirement.

If you need our corporate secretary services, please either email us at info@asialegal.vn or
call us at (+84) 84 400 8484.

3. Retainer Services

If you need to deal with legal issues on a regular basis, you may wish to take advantage of our Retainer Services.

Our Retainer Services would ensure that you get priority in terms of service and response time and that our lawyers will not represent any party that is opposed to your legal interests.

With Retainer Services, the following key matters in relation to your business will be addressed:

a) Administration/ Human Resources, including:

  • Providing legal advice on (local and foreign) employee-related issues, including appointment, disciplinary proceedings, termination of labor contracts, etc;
  • Drafting or assisting the client in drafting legal documents, papers related to daily administration including but not limited to administrative procedures with competent authorities; human resources related issues or any other internal issues; and
  • Advising the client on requirements of and assisting the client in legal compliance with various Vietnamese laws/regulations in connection with labor including Labor Code, Law on Social Insurance, Law on Personal Income Tax and other legal documents.

b) Internal Management

  • Preparing minutes of meetings, resolutions of the Members’ Council/ Board of Directors and General Meeting of Shareholders, and other necessary forms related to internal management of the client;
  • Reviewing and updating the client’s charter, regulations and other internal documents; and
  • Advising and drafting other required internal corporate documents for the client.

c) Daily Business Operation, including

  • Advising, assisting in drafting and vetting of simple commercial agreements including sales and purchase agreements, transportation agreements, business;
  • Cooperation agreements and any agreement signed by and between the client and customers, suppliers, vendors and business partners at the client’s request from time to time;
  • Advising, assisting in vetting any other document that may be required from time to time regarding any commercial transactions that may be entered into between the client and other parties in Vietnam;
  • Preparing and submitting the Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually and Annually Operation Reports, as the case may be, to the competent authorities, including:
    • Monthly Reports: Report on imports of goods (if any); Report on other business service activities; Report on foreign direct investment activities; Report on invested capital; and Report on the implementation of investment projects;
    • Quarterly Reports: Quarterly reports on the implementation of investment projects; Report on invested capital; and Report on labor and income;
    • Annual Reports: Report on production and business activities; Report on trade activities; Report on other business service activities; Report on the contribution of charter capital; Report on imports of goods; and Reports on the implementation of investment projects; and
  • Sorting and storing the client’s internal documents.

For further information on this kind of service, please contact us at info@assialegal.vn or
call us at (+84) 84 400 8484.