Debt Collection

Asia Legal is among the few business law firms in Vietnam with expertise in debt collection, especially in commercial transactions.

Unlike other law firms, instead of bringing the dispute arising out of or in connection with late payment to the court or arbitration center, our first step is to assist the clients in negotiating and/ or mediating with their partners based on good faith, which saves both time and cost for the clients, meanwhile, maintain the good relationship between the parties. Our lawyers who are well trained to become internationally recognized accredited mediators at Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (UK), and Vietnam International Commercial Mediation Center, will assist the clients in the first stage of debt collection by means of negotiation and/ or mediation, using their experience, skill and knowledge in various similar cases. If pre-litigation efforts fail, we will look at an alternative strategy and taking legal actions will be the last resort.

If you need our legal services in debt collection in Vietnam, please either email us at or call us at (+84) 84 400 8484.