Seoul ADR Festival 2023: The Remarkable Evolution of International Arbitration in the Current Era of Globalization

The ADR Seoul Festival (SAF), initially introduced in 2015 under the auspices of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (KCAB), has burgeoned into an internationally recognized ADR event. This year, ADR Seoul 2023 (SAF 2023) was held from October 30th to November 3rd, characterized by the theme “New World – No Map.” The event aspired to engender a forum for speakers, experts, and legal professionals to engage in multidimensional discourse concerning the escalating demands of ADR in particular, and the mechanisms for dispute resolution worldwide.

Going with the global trend in ADR, Vietnam currently stands as one of the nations with a high demand for using these alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. Acknowledging this imperative, Mr. Luu Vinh, the Managing Director of Asia Legal Business Law Firm, graced the event with his presence and actively participated in the discourse.

Over the course of nearly a week, the esteemed speakers and experts engaged in profound discussions, delving into subjects such as the role of technology in ADR, strategies for averting M&A disputes, the efficacy of emergency arbitrators, and the landscape of ISDS disputes worldwide, particularly in Asia… This opportunity proved invaluable for Mr. Luu Vinh, alongside seasoned experts, to exchange knowledge and insights on pivotal aspects of international arbitration.

Currently, Asia Legal stands as one of the few law firms in Vietnam possessing a high degree of specialization, profound knowledge, and, notably, practical experience in the realm of alternative dispute resolution, particularly in commercial arbitration. Emboldened by the wealth of knowledge distilled from leading global experts at this event, we, Asia Legal, aspire to contribute to the advancement of the international arbitration domain and continue our unwavering support to our clients in the pursuit of high-quality, effective, and reputable resolutions for their international business and investment disputes.

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