On September 28, 2023, Asia Legal and the Thuongmai University (TMU) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the quality of education and human resource development in the field of commerce law in Vietnam.

TMU is a public university under the national education system in Vietnam. Founded in 1960, TMU is a high-quality multidisciplinary institution with over 750 faculty and staff members, more than 24,000 students, and a strong commitment to autonomous operations. Within the legal field, TMU’s Law School is known for its substantial experience in training legal professionals for the field of economic law. It boasts a highly qualified faculty and staff who annually provide a high-caliber workforce to meet the legal needs of the ever-evolving and complex world of business and commerce.

Mr. Vinh Luu gave the opening speech at the ceremony

Currently, there is an increasing demand for legal professionals in the Vietnamese job market. Therefore, opportunities for students pursuing a degree in Economic Law to secure employment after graduation are higher than ever. However, this also poses a challenge for universities offering legal education, including TMU’s Law School. They need to provide students with a strong legal knowledge foundation and the essential skills required to address the constantly changing and intricate legal issues in the business and commerce sector.

Asia Legal has long been recognized as a law firm specializing in legal consultation for business in Vietnam. With a deep understanding of business activities in both the domestic and international markets, Asia Legal’s legal services cater to a diverse clientele, including multinational corporations, foreign investors, banks, financial organizations, securities firms, investment funds, asset management companies, international organizations, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Beyond their advisory work, Asia Legal is actively engaged in various community activities. They aim to contribute to improving the professional competence of legal professionals in the field of business law and the overall development of commercial law. Asia Legal has been involved in training and teaching activities at the Judicial Academy, participating in professional events such as the Arbitration Week and activities of the International Commercial Lawyers Club of Vietnam. Furthermore, Asia Legal generously shares its knowledge and expertise at large-scale events, webinars, and conferences, attracting a broad audience, thereby contributing to the overall development of the Vietnamese business community.

Asia Legal and TMU jointly signed the cooperation agreement

Based on their shared vision for legal education, on September 28, 2023, Asia Legal and TMU jointly signed a cooperation agreement focused on research, curriculum development, and educational materials. They will also conduct advisory sessions and career guidance, and experienced lawyers from Asia Legal will participate in teaching various courses and organizing internship programs. This collaboration marks a significant step towards ensuring that the quality of legal education aligns with the practical needs of businesses and law firms in Vietnam. The synergy between TMU’s academic curriculum and Asia Legal’s extensive practical experience will help transform the approach to legal issues for students, encouraging them to apply their knowledge in real-world situations instead of solely focusing on theory.

The deep collaboration between an educational institution and reputable law firms demonstrates a fresh perspective and breakthrough in legal education today. It bridges the gap between theoretical and practical learning, as well as research and application, thereby preparing students with a holistic, multidimensional approach to legal problem-solving. This will enhance employment prospects for students upon graduation and contribute to the sustainable development of the legal profession in Vietnam.

Asia Legal and TMU handed over the signed cooperation agreement

We look forward to this collaboration and hope it will provide new opportunities for TMU students, meeting the practical demands of the labor market while contributing to the sustainable development of the legal field in Vietnam.

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