Business areas prohibited under the laws of Vietnam

“Enterprises are free to do business in any business areas that are not prohibited by law” is one of the statutory rights of the enterprises[1]. Law on Investment 2020 provides a list of prohibited business lines that all domestic and foreign investors must comply with. Pursuant to Article 6 of Law on Investment 2020, there […]

Conditional business lines in Vietnam – what the foreign investors should be aware of?

Foreign investors planning to invest in Vietnam need to consider whether the industry in which they intend to invest in Vietnam is a conditional business line or not. Under the law of Vietnam, there are two types of conditions applied, including: (i) Market access conditions for the foreign investors; and (ii) Conditions for doing business. […]

Protection of minority shareholders in joint stock company (Part 1)

Recently, Asia Legal assisted a joint-stock company (“Company“) to conduct a transaction to transfer shares of founding shareholders and amend the Company’s Charter. This case is an opportunity for us to learn how to apply the internal management regulations of joint stock companies under the Enterprise Law 2020 in a profound way. Below is the […]

Structural debt, bad debt and enterprise debt trading

1. State policy in promoting the settlement of bad debts According to the report of the Government and the State Bank of Vietnam submitted to the National Assembly at the 3rd Session, the 15th National Assembly, as of December 31, 2021, that is, after nearly 5 years of applying Resolution 42/2017/QH14, the total the number […]