Legal Updates

Investment incentives in Vietnam

In order to encourage and attract investment, Vietnam has issued many investment preferential policies for investors. Based on the nature of the project such as industry, implementation location, objectives, and capital size, the project will be entitled to different forms of investment incentives, which may include (i) Incentives for corporate income tax (hereinafter referred to […]

Profits repatriation of foreign investors in Vietnam

As a business law firm which has advised numerous foreign investors doing business in Vietnam, we often receive the same question from the foreign investors on profit repatriation. Specifically, are they allowed to repatriate the profit to their home countries? Currently, Vietnam has issued a number of key legislative documents to govern foreign investment in […]

Protection of minority shareholders in joint stock company (Part 2)

3. Drafting pre-emptive clause at the request of shareholders and setting the conditions for the transfer of shares At the first stage, the shareholders made their requests for us to advise them a mechanism to bound the shareholders to long-term cooperation and prevent one or several shareholders from bringing new shareholder. It was then we […]

Shortcomings of enforcement of commercial arbitral award

The Arbitral Award is the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal to settle the dispute and terminate the arbitration proceedings[1]. After the Arbitral Award, the award creditor (i.e., the winning party in the case) will perform the following tasks to request the award debtor to perform its obligations to him/her. 1. Voluntary execution:   Accordingly, the […]