ASIA LEGAL AT INDIA ADR WEEK 2023: Catching innovations in Dispute Resolution

In the context of trade liberalization and global economic integration, disputes related to international trade have become more diverse and complex than ever before. Prolonged delays in the litigation process in the courts can exacerbate the state of conflict, resulting in ineffective dispute resolution, lacking persuasiveness, and furthermore, it may tarnish a nation’s image of friendly and open investment. 

To alleviate the burden on the court system, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods are becoming a strong and growing trend internationally and in Vietnam. This is not coincidental, as ADR offers superior advantages, providing an opportunity for swift and effective dispute resolution. 

Recently, LLM, Lawyer Luu Vinh, Managing Director of ASIA LEGAL Business Law Firm, one of the business law firms with deep expertise in investment advisory, M&A, and international business dispute resolution, participated in the ADR Week in India 2023. This event took place from October 9th to 14th, 2023, in three major cities of India: Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi. It is a large and reputable event where experts, arbitrators, researchers, lawyers, and individuals interested in ADR trends and developments come together to share their experiences and knowledge regarding ADR.

The event spanned six days and covered various diverse topics related to ADR. Topics such as technological advancements changing the dispute resolution landscape, arbitrator appointments, challenges in international dispute resolution, and the future direction of international arbitration in the Asia-Pacific region were discussed and debated in-depth based on the professional perspectives and experiences of the experts.

As one of the proactive entities actively engaged in sharing experiences, disseminating knowledge, and participating in international ADR events, Asia Legal has been striving to promote the use of ADR in resolving international business and investment disputes in Vietnam, providing high-quality, effective and reputable consulting and dispute resolution services.

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