Notification of changing New Logo, Website and Corporation Identify Program

Asia Legal would like to inform all our Clients, Partners and Colleagues about the change of our New Logo, Website and Corporation Identify Program from November 2021, specifically as follows:

1. Logo

Since the establishment and development of Asia Legal, we have always prioritized the quality of legal services and constantly improved, upgraded our services to be able to bring the legal services with the best experience for our Clients, Partners and Colleagues. With the goal of expanding the scope of activities in many different countries and territories, Asia Legal has updated our logo which will officially be used from November 2021:

The new logo of Asia Legal is a harmonious combination of two colors: blue and yellow. The special highlight of the new logo is also the message that we want to convey, the letter G in the word “LEGAL” (services provided by Asia Legal) is stylized into two integrated images: The boat is sailing to the sea and the globe symbolizes the desire to conquer the world.

In addition, Asia Legal also chose this stylized “G” as a symbolic shortened image on printed products and displayed on our digital platforms. At this time, the letter G (Global) is the focus of the frame and the symbol of the Asia Legal’s brand.

The new logo will automatically take legal effect with all Contracts, documents and legal consulting products under the Asia Legal brand. All operational functions and other information of the Company remain unchanged.

(Thanks to Chaasn Studio (Chaasn | Facebook) for being with us when developing this new logo concept and design.)

2. Website

Asia Legal’s Website Address:

We still use the domain name “” and only use English on our website. With two main colors blue and yellow, which combined with a minimalist style does not cause overwhelming feelings for readers while accessing the Company’s website.

All information about Asia Legal will always be fully and timely updated on this website. Documents about the business (About Us), the team of lawyers, consultants and experts (Key People) who are working at Asia Legal and our areas of activity, strengths (Practices) will also serve Clients, Partners and Colleagues quickly, efficiently and most conveniently with a new theme, which is easy to follow and use.

Additionally, to meet the demand of updating information, events and legal issues. Asia Legal focuses all of its professional content on the “Insights” section and divides into three sub-sections such as: “News”, “Events” and “Legal Updates”.

Readers who have demands/or are interested in our recruitment information can see in the “Careers” section and contact, send questions, or register to receive emails in the “Contact” section. Moreover, on all pages of the Asia Legal’s Website, there will always be an online chat section for interaction between users and admins.

(Thanks to eFox Solution (SEO, Digital Marketing, Website/Mobile Development – eFOX Solution ( for being with us when developing this new website concept and design.)

3. Corporation Identify Program

Corporation Identify Program of Asia Legal includes the following products:

● Name Card

● Envelopes (A4 and A5 size )

● File Peg

● Legal Pad

● Message Subject

● Staffs Identification Card

● Notebook

● Paper Bags

All of the above products are synchronously and exclusively designed for Asia Legal’s brand to ensure the identification and specify the brand name as well as make an impression on Clients, Partners and Colleagues in the process of using Asia Legal’s legal services.

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